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Math Tutoring in Burbank

I get unlimited satisfying feeling when I can bring a smile on a child’s face, and improve her confidence.. My team and I provide math tutoring in Burbank and Glendale for K-12 grade students. Our tutoring service is aligned with California’s educational standards. In recent years we have been exposed to multiple multiple strategies to help students learn in a  short time. 

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Burbank Math Tutor


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Common Core Concepts

After 7 years of implementing Common Core concepts, still many teachers and students struggle with Common Core Math strategies. It’s been an ongoing struggle. 

The good news is there is a strategic  method of learning  math that helps students to understand math and use it in day to day life. 

I help students to overcome the challenge and learn the strategies in a short time. 

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment program is the shining star of my program. I have a full set of high standard structured worksheets to help students advance in math in a short time. Our worksheets build a solid foundation helping students to become a top notch students at school. 

Enrichment Programs
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Homework Help

Understanding the homework is the first step to get encouraged and improve. 

Doing the homework is the first step to prove yourself that you are capable. 

That’s what’s lacking from many students. So, I help them to understand her homework and then do it.

Math is fun when you learn it!