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Meet Diana

Burbank Math Tutor

Diana Vartanoos

“Nothing can make a parent happier than seeing her children success. I started tutoring math ten years ago to my neighbor’s children, 3rd and 11th graders. One afternoon (after two or three weeks of tutoring) the parent comes to me with the sparkly eyes and happy face to share his daughter’s improvement with me. He tells how his daughter’s confidence went up in the classroom. At that moment nothing could make me happier to just being a little portion of student’s success and parent’s happiness. That was the reason why I chose to be a tutor.”

First Tutoring Experience

“My very first experience for tutoring math started when I was very young (a freshman in high school). I remember my cousin failed from math and his mother asked me to help his son. So, I gathered all my notes I had from my teacher. 

The final was in three days and we needed to rush and do a hard work. I tutored my cousin days and nights until the final day arrived. He book the test and he passed. Back then neither I knew I had passion for tutoring nor becoming a tutor will be one of my dreams. 

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